Dear Guests,


Earthyroutes is a travel company that was established with a modest beginning. We describe ourselves as one of the “reliable tour operator”. We are ready to provide you always with information on any aspects related to holidays in this part of the Indian sub continent and quotes for your South India holidays and valuable services.
We at Earthyroutes believe in ‘deeper’ understanding of place, people, culture and real experiences of the places you are visiting rather than hop between destinations. We have the experience, expertise, understanding and local knowledge and our journeys will reflect that. We craft the journeys in such a way that it provides a deep insight to the places, people and culture.

Our philosophy of holidaying and travel is described as below :

  • We try not to offer all inclusive packages to our guests and encourage using local transport, where ever possible and eat a meal in a local restaurant.
  • We don’t limit your choice of hotel to one or two at each destination but we have a selection of hotels, in all categories, most of them that are locally owned, so that the money goes to a local entrepreneur and hence your stay there contributes to local development from tourism.
  • A substantial amount of the total package cost goes directly to the service providers and hence we ensure a ‘fair’ flow of revenue.
  • Our cab drivers in most cases are owner driven vehicles or very occasionally we hire from service providers who pays their cab drivers adequately and promptly. We have had excellent feedbacks about our drivers and the safe journey in their hands as we understand that a lot depends on this driver – cum guides in making a memorable holiday.
  • We hire local guides wherever necessary.
  • We believe that to get the real pulse of the people and places you may also take the rail and road route once you are in India. It doesn’t take more than a day or an overnight train to travel between various destinations. This not only reduce your carbon footprints but more than that it helps you to measure the rhythm of India.
  • We subscribe to various concepts like responsible tourism, nature tourism, eco tourism, fair trade tourism, community tourism,ethical holidaying and where ever possible we incorporate activities that are in line with these concepts at the destinations we take you.
  • It is never been easy doing all the small things above to make a positive change to the manner in which tourism is operated currently. But on the larger framework of making tourism beneficial to the local community, reduce the negative impacts and making tourism sustainable along with our aim of making your holiday a memorable experience, lets us put our time and effort together!.

Our features:

  • We have the experience, expertise, network, ideas and relationships to assist with your holiday at valuable and that which suits your budget. We will be pleased to assist you right from your planning stages to charting itineraries and finally delivering it and making your Indian holiday more memorable.
  • Our main concern and aim is your complete satisfaction. We do our best in delivering a holiday of your dream through meticulous planning, selection of accommodations based on your budget and assuring the best of service from each and every segment of your tour itinerary.
  • Right after your arrival at the airport or other chosen arrival point to the time till the departure back home , we are there offering you round the clock assistance.
  • Earthyroutes operates with a small team of efficient, young and youthful crew members, who answer emails, setup the itineraries and is available 24X7 over phone while you are on holiday here. Our desire is to stay small but efficient and local offering customized journeys, to retain our close association with local partners, accommodation providers, cab drivers, guides and the local people with whom we have formed lasting friendships and finally with the travellers who rely on us to show them something unique in this world filled.

Our services:

  • Customised itinerary planning ( individual, family and small group)
  • Day trips , shore excursions, village visits
  • Hotel / Resort / Homestay/ Houseboat booking of all classes
  • Tree huts/ Plantation retreats / Estate bungalows / Jungle lodge stays
  • Authentic Ayurveda packages in Kerala
  • Yoga and meditation programmes in Kerala
  • Wildlife trails, nature walks and trekking in South India
  • Pre-post conference arrangements in South India
  • Extension tours to Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Andaman – Nicobar islands
  • Domestic Air and train ticket reservations
  • Arranging all types of Cabs and coach rentals in South India
  • Arranging to and fro airport transfers in Kerala ( Trivandrum and Cochin)
  • Production assistance for media houses and documentary film makers
  • Guidance and facilitation for tourism research in Kerala

“We are proud of what we do” and we are proud of the people who choose us for facilitating their holiday, the accommodation providers that we engage with for their excellent hospitality services and finally we are proud of what we deliver as per your wish!

We assure you the best of service all time and a memorable holiday!!

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